Party at Napalm Beach

by the Seizures

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You are not the real deal now I'm sure of that so from time to time we need to have a chat blah bla blaah yeah you are kind of pretty you seem to have it all but I won't pin your picture on my bedroom wall so don't take a bath in your confidence the last thing I owe you is a rose bed lap dance Fill me up with love and booze and I will show you everything that you might loose It’s the way think by the way you talk that sometimes creeps badly on my balls and when you do the things you do that way makes me throw up the worse and the worst of me you know honey we could be far cooler than that you and me inside your lap I ain’t got the time to think about it all waisted so many hours in your shopping malls so better go out shoppin’ buy yourself some fancy toy and while you get happy all I wanna do is destroy
I'm the one that gets em rid of their bruises and burns Never look fine when the body bag sheet turns Its my passion masking all their life-worn scars Put up a glass of wine treat them like they were stars I'm a mortuary guybest friend of the dead Have a lil chat when i caress their head The undertaker brings em we cool em down Make em look prettysee the families fraun And nobody talks to me But i hear their words inside of me I listen to whatever all of em said Yeah, its my nice and quiet friends.... the talking dead When the moon comes up my day begins Meet new people tellin me their deadly sins Take their measures clean em head to toe Always with a smile makes em feel front row Lord, they got so much to say some don t even stop Some are singing chimes, death rolls on top Once i took a lady corpse out in the park Lost that body somewhere out in the dark oh no Love their pale skin, their clear-cut eyes Some do smell, but to my surprise Once i got their voices in my head Party till drop with the cold cold dead Despite my dead man talking friendliness No look, no answer, all i can do is guess Have to listen close, beg for a dance For the slightest chance for a little romance we‘re talking dead
Let me toss your salad, let me greed your weed cause a snatch is the thing that i really need Bearded clams all over place If i can t get your fuckin beaver what a poor disgrace Clamarama? Clam-a-rama lou take a ride in your flesh canou The breakfast of the champions that penalty box Ground zero, purse of so many cocks Give it to me, your salami purse Your bowl your cave adams curse Take a glimpse on thatcute foxhole there That one eyed wormhole makes me stop and stare Some call it door of life or some the great divide What could these saloon doors possibly hide? Let me toss your salad, let me greed your weed your snatch is the thing that i really need Funnel of love is what the hippies say i eat your enchilada of love from a golden tray Clamarama? Clam-a-rama lou take a ride in your flesh canou
When I hang out when i hang in There is strange strange feeling from below my chin You keep talking down on me I get more n more dogged as far as i can see Now I know what´s under my chin It´s the shit I' m standing in Can t take more of your words floating to the top I don t know why i got into this all All the other people are having a ball I shrink, drink, sit and get old That ain't the life my mommy had told I need dirt, women, treble and joy And i won't ever be anyones easy toy but i get a shitty mess I'm a hanging boy My girl is gone, wildfire took her away Hell beware i would have wanted her to stay This ain't right, not a single thing Not a goddamn worry should get me in What made me a foolI dont know But i learned to prevail get up and go Short fuckin words may come fast But i see what they mean and that will last So i grab myguitar and go somewhere Theres something missing but i just don't care People are them, me am I No stupid questions fuck why oh why
Ten fancy knifes on your shelves hell‘s no poshy gourmet style Cut nuts like butter you say well i guess that’s no lie Your tomatoes come from cans my friend but that’s not for me I cut em freshly n that’s the way em to bleed I wanna see? Hey you wanna talk? And talk the talk Hm, so while you talk I walk the walk Nice avatar and fancy clothes the websluts go high tide? In the mirror you got the perfect pose but you‘re alone on that ride I spit on the pavement in front of your door and snooze up a pound I hang out with my wang out because I like the air flowin around Got two legs but no use for em rather take an elevator ride Retard bitches need someone to wipe your ass from side to side I do the fuckin staircase honey cause I m a man Steps ain't no lethal threat, but make my butt tough like a frying pan Yeah, Rock n Roll is what you‘re all about of course I fuckin know Vintage retro pastry dough bake your fake life in a row Golf hat tats top newbie style whatcha wanna be?I burn your little tweed house downreally wanna come fuck with me? and of course you invented all that shit fuckin 20 years before you existed Got an app to get the perfect look sweet like a tropical fruit your chick still blows you bad in her jogging suitI grab my girl like a bad boy should now get a hold of that so while you build your sex life skillsI have my finger in her twat
I've known you for oh so long Taught you a lesson where you belong Beneath my tires offshore and gone You are a fluke my friend you take it on and on You parasite faceless son of a mothers gun Kill the beliefs of the upright ones Their minds are nothing but food for you They never ever see that you‘re untrue The fluke doesn‘t ever sleep He turns into something bittersweet He creeps and crawls until you‘re hot You love the fluke for what he's not He leaves you empty like a whores heart Untrue from the very start The fluke eats up your dreams The fluke takes you down in screams He never shows his face cause he ain´t got none and then ask why when its almost done He burns you from inside brings you to tears and shows you your greatest fears oh no! The fluke he hits and runs He laughs about your useless gunsHe shows you what you never wanna see Cause he s inside you oh god can that be me?
he devil is a she, haha, plain to see No one really knows that better than me Left in the rain for another guy All said n done ain t worth a bye-bye Don’t listen to what story they tell Wash up the dishes your brains as well Fastest horse on your way to hell Dirty laundry lap I am not on it Dirty laundry lap Open that mouth don t believe your shit Play cry baby, oh what poor thing you are Sorry but that’s where you went a little too far Talk is cheap and so are you Thank fuck time is over that you made me blue Go on preach your stories your pitiful lies Do I really care can you look in my eyes Till the last drop o water from my old tap Now we re headin down straight dirty laundry lap let s go! Upright deeds are a damn rare gift Ask you new friends if they give you a late night lift The circle is open, my brain runs wild Promises to hell it‘s my time lil child!
C'mon C'mon if you really wanna know if you really want it all to blow I`ve been down to hell the hottest shit I've known All the lies & your Gods I`ve seen it all before You gotta fuck up your believes if you wanna have the score you gotta know why you had it comin‘ you gotta know why why you waste your time there's sth over here penetratin my brain sth evil comin‘ down the way If you really wanna think if really wanna know if really wanna try we got a bad thing comin & it‘s coming down tonight If you really wanna know If you really wanna do If that‘s right upon you Gotta know why I'm like Jack I am from southern land I‘m holding you, evil things inside my hand And if this is really also true Give me flamethrower and I put it right upon you gotta know why you came know what you‘re all about you gotta know, honey you gotta know why you do


the Seizures: Sir D. , Al Wolf, Major Tom , NineInchNils
best man: Jens Gogo ApemaniaGo


released December 31, 2016

recorded feb 2016 @ roony road recordings
mixed & mastered by Simon Froschauer
except * mixed & mastered by Markus Schuster @
Upright onDirty Laundry Lap: Ferdinand Roscher


all rights reserved



The Seizures Nürnberg, Germany

Formed in 1995, out of a "if the Oblivians can do it, we should do some noise too!" momentum, The Seizures became a well known local force in underground rock.
While lot's of lineup-changes occur, the band managed to record 4 full lengths and contributed to lots of compilations worldwide.
All in DIY -fashion, the band is touring constantly.
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